Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eat S - - -

Not long ago, a woman sued a pizza joint that gave her a pie that included “swinging steak.” What is “swinging steak”? Bull testicles. It could have been worse. Scientists in Japan are boasting that they can turn feces into steak.

How do we know that the hamburger in our freezers actually came from a cow? We’ve let corporations take over the food industry and they can feed us whatever poisons they choose. When country singer Willie Nelson started Farm Aid in 1985, the media more or less asked, “Who cares?” People would still get their eggs and corn and cow meat from corporate farms. There really is no difference in the food produced by corporate farms, is there?

Corporations have no morals. Corporations such as Monsanto which produced chemicals like Agent Orange for use in Vietnam, are now producing our food, and have even patented seeds that independent farmers are obligated to use in growing their crops. We’re being poisoned now with scientifically manipulated food.

The pernicious influence of Monsanto in the production and packaging of the food that Americans eat is the subject of Food Inc. It is disturbing to see the corners that are cut to produce food as cheaply as possible. Now, after eating bacon or sausage, I feel guilty about consuming pork. I saw poor little piggies tossed into a compactor where they squealed when being crushed to death. Most of these animals only see life for the purpose of being killed to fill our dinner plates. We fry ‘em up, eat ‘em then lick our lips in satisfaction. Is that right? Is it right to kill animals just to have a moment of pleasure? The animals that eventually find their way to our dinner plates are frequently abused, kept in such cramped quarters that they frequently stand in their own feces. The meat that finds its way to the stores is often contaminated, hence the occurrence of E-coli warnings and hoof and mouth disease.

The corporate farms that produce most of the food that Americans eat have as much regard for people as they do for the animals they slaughter. We're the bigger fools because we buy their products.

© 2013 Brian W. Fairbanks


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