Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye CD

The compact disc, otherwise known as a CD, may have three years before it disappears into oblivion, according to a recent issue of Rolling Stone. The magazine didn't mention its own life expectancy, but that would appear to be brief, as well. If the young folk who download music and have no use for an object they can look at and hold in their hand, how likely are they to read magazines?

Last month, Rolling Stone had semi-retired, 65-year-old David Bowie on its cover. The story inside was a nostalgic journey to Bowie's Ziggy Stardust heyday in the early 1970s. The latest issue gives us 69-year-old Paul McCartney. It would appear that the music periodical, once a voice of youth, now skews old and relies on middle-aged rock 'n' roll fans for its livelihood. As for the CD, it was introduced in 1982 and began to push the vinyl long-playing record into the cutout bins by end of the decade.Vinyl seems to have been around longer than the CD, but they also had a run of about 30 years.

Someday we may be downloading food directly into our stomachs with no need to use our mouths. The future, as portrayed in science-fiction of the past, is finally here. I must say it does not please me. The other day I read an article about technology in development that can read our minds.

Brave New World? Sounds like a hopeless one to me.

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